About me.

A present-day director and performer based in East Midlands.

Believes that anything normal is boring; works experimentally, encourages surprises and confusion as part of his approach and creates new realities and norms.


Performing Arts BA (Hons) with International Incorporated Bachelor, De Montfort University.

Director's Course, National Youth Theatre.

Internet Marketing and Social Media Diploma, European University Cyprus.

Credits include:

Assistant Creative Programmes Practitioner, Curve Theatre, Current.

Trustee, Curve Theatre, Current.

Shiny Awards; New Director list.

Film Director, " ugly people ", short film, February '24. (London Global Film, L'HIFF & Midlands Awards Nominations)

A.Director & Performer, "Immaculate", Vinicius Salles, Pace, September -November '23.

Director, "Filicide 101", Y theatre, November '23.

Shadowed Nikolai Foster for "Evita", November '23

Performer, "Hole.'', Four Seasons, Pace, '23.

Director, 14/48 Festival, “Date & Rewind”, June '23.

Creative Mentee, "Them", Mind Out Theatre, April '23.

Facilitator, Gartree High School, April '23.

Performer, NSDF, Barrel Organ Theatre, Curve Theatre, Apr '23.

Dance Masterclass with Gary Clarke,  December '22.